I love the convenience of the iTunes Music Store: it's well organized, easy to find stuff, and generally nicely done. But, after experiencing the restrictions (which aren't bad within iTunes or iPods, but quite awful with other devices, like a Slim Devices' Squeezebox or the Sonos), I decided that DRM-encumbered tracks were too restrictive given the multitude of ways that I listen to my music.

Not to mention the fact the the 128K AAC encoded songs are audibly inferior to a CD, which costs about the same.

Not an easy decision. I hate buying a CD, ripping it, then storing it: so much pointless plastic taking up space in the basement. But, choices are choices, and I made mine.

That said, I was delighted to see the EMI/Apple announcement this morning. 256K AAC tracks, no DRM. No plastic. Same price for albums, slightly more for tracks.

Great news, and by taking this step, Apple and EMI have brought me back to buying through iTMS, at least for EMI artists.

My basement thanks you.