I've recently been getting a lot of questions about SuperDuper! and Snow Leopard compatibility, so I thought I'd put an "official statement" (oooh!) up here on the blog.

Remember: Snow Leopard is under Non-Disclosure. I can't really say anything about it until it's released. So, please, don't ask. You'll get mad at me for being vague, and I'll get tired of it too: it's a lose-lose.

We will be supporting Snow Leopard as soon as we possibly can, and we're already working on it (of course). If Apple releases the "production bits" to developers before they release them to the public, we should be able to do our final testing before release.

I do not anticipate or expect a Leopard-style struggle to get our Snow Leopard support finalized. This will disappoint no one, especially not me.

And, no, SuperDuper! under Snow Leopard is not going to be 64-bit: it doesn't make any sense for this type of application.

For those who might be using Snow Leopard now, and are getting an error referencing fsaclctl: you can copy fsaclctl to Snow Leopard from Leopard (it's in /usr/sbin/fsaclctl) for now.

Everyone clear? Good!