Slobber, slobber Tuesday, January 31, 2006

You can boot off USB drives on Intel-based Macs. This opens the world of USB 2.0-only drives to Macs users as bootable backup devices. That sound? It’s David Nanian drooling.

from Tales from the Red Shed & Jonathan Rentzsch

Egad, was I that loud? >wipes chin<

Toshiro Mifune Gets His Organize On! Monday, January 23, 2006

Looks like the fine folks at Bare Bones Software have released Yojimbo, an great new take on the organizer-cum-database that many have tried, and failed, to do well…

The Yojimbo team has done a great job, addressing many of the classic missteps directly, with:

  • A good first cut at a smart “Quick Input” panel that analyzes what’s on the clipboard and pre-fills as much as possible
  • Rapid, global search capabilities that make it easy to locate things—including Spotlight support
  • A useful set of built-in datatypes
  • Easy “sub” organization using groups and tags
  • Full support for “archived” web pages, PDFs and the like
  • Item-by-item encryption
  • And, best of all, transparent, multi-machine synchronization through SyncServices and .mac
They’ve leveraged the great new features of Tiger like CoreData, SyncServices and—hey!—it’s even a Cocoa app!

The price is a very reasonable $39 for a single user on any number of (automatically synchronized) computers, with family pack and educational pricing, too.

To top it off, there’s a free, 30-day demo. There’s no excuse not to check it out—go to it!

UK Macworld Chimes In! Friday, January 20, 2006

Although I haven’t yet seen the full review, some UK Macworld readers have written in to tell me that there’s a full page review of SuperDuper in the latest issue. 4.5 stars, and this great quote:

There are just three groups of people who should be using this excellent utility. Lunatic frontiersmen with a penchant for early beta software, paranoid data hoarders who think that the next crash is just a restart away, and everybody else.

from Richard Dyce’s review in Macworld UK‘s February 2006 issue. Thanks, Richard & Macworld UK!

MacFixIt Toolbox Awards, Awarded! Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Hey, cool! It looks like SuperDuper! received a Gold MaxFixIt Toolbox Award this year!

A good backup strategy should be the base of any troubleshooting plan. This versatile disk copying program can make a straight copy, or “clone”—useful when you want to move all your data from one machine to another, or do a simple backup. The real power, however, lies in its ability “checkpoint” your system, preserving your computer’s critical applications and files while you run on a working, bootable copy.

Thanks, MacFixIt!
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