It's been really busy around these parts, and I haven't had enough time to blog, alas. But I wanted to point out a few notable recent releases for people who might be interested.

iPhone AutoSync

Ben Gottlieb of Stand Alone has released a new product -- his first "real" Mac program (not counting the prize-winning Wikipedia screen saver he created) -- and it's a good'un.

Those of you with iPhones know that an iPhone only synchronizes with your address book, calendar and bookmark once, when you dock it. Any changes made while it's docked aren't reflected on the iPhone unless you manually sync, or undock and dock again. Which kinda sucks.

Ben's product -- iPhone AutoSync -- monitors your system for changes to your bookmarks, calendar or contacts. If any occur, it causes your docked iPhone to sync again, automatically.

It's a great little application, invisible in its primary operation, executed with flair, and cheap at $9.95.

Nice work, Ben!

MarsEdit 2.0

And, Daniel Jalkut of Red Sweater Software has released a major update to MarsEdit -- MarsEdit 2.0. Daniel's been rocking MarsEdit updates for free since he acquired the product from Ranchero, and his latest is looking very nice indeed, and certainly worth the modest fee he's asking. Head on over!