Executive Summary

v3.9 B3 is now out, with additional polish and tweaks to our cloud handling, some fixes for dark mode and the like. It will be offered as an automatic update for existing v3.9 Beta users, or you can download it here.

Download SuperDuper! v3.9 B3

It's (Almost) the Weekend Non-Summary

Not much negative to report about the previous Beta—the feedback has been good, our internal testing has been successful, and in general this looks like a pretty uneventful update, in a good way.

That makes a lot of sense, given the work we'd done behind the scenes before the 1st beta ever came out, but it's nice when a plan comes together.

Sweet. Some Monsterism.

We've noticed that, on occasion, "dataless" cloud files and folder proxies can get into strange states on the backup where, quite literally, nothing can delete them. In these situations, we have no choice but to throw up our hands and continue.

We're not sure how they get this way (especially since we're not copying them...but the fix is an Erase, then copy backup (Options > During copy) followed by a Smart Update (ditto).


I just wanted to take a minute here to celebrate the life of my dog Haku, who died on July 1st, at about 8.75 years old, of a combination of Lymphoma and Wobbler's.

SuperDuper has been a 3 Dog Project (so far): first Ketzl, then Taiko and now Haku. All have been Bernese Mountain Dogs, and all three were, truly, great pups.

Haku, though, was even more special. He was a big dog, 135lbs at his (healthy) peak, but the gentlest giant you can imagine. He was the mayor of our neighborhood, and loved not just by us, but by everyone who was lucky enough to meet him.

Even through the challenges of the slow deterioration that Wobbler's brings, and the difficulty of treating Lymphoma, he was happy, friendly, and engaged, always wanting to visit his favorite spots on our daily walks, always greeting his fans who we would meet along the way.

Here's a little video from over that weekend.

He'll be hard to replace, and is truly missed.

Here's the beta:

Download SuperDuper! v3.9 B3