Khoi Vinh, late of Behavior (now the Design Director for the New York Times) and the genius of grid-based designs (I wish my own site looked one-one-millionth as good as stuff he tosses into the trash), recently had a catastrophic hard drive failure (all too common, believe me):

I feel very fortunate, though; immediately after the first signs of trouble, I quit my procrastination and scheduled full backups of the hard drive on alternating nights to two different external FireWire drives — aided in no small part by the sheer awesomeness of Shirt Pocket Software’s invaluable SuperDuper! product. As a result, I lossed less than a day’s worth of work; not perfect, but it could have been loads worse.

SuperDuper! made it exceedingly easy for me to create a complete, bootable mirror of my hard drive, which actually allows me to continue to use the same system — with all of my files, preferences and software tweaks intact — with another Macintosh. I pulled my old Aluminum 15-inch PowerBook G4 out of retirement and booted it from one of the backup FireWire drives.

via Subtraction, Khoi’s blog. Exactly the idea—glad SuperDuper! could be of service!