Yeah, it's a gigantic, multi-day blast of blogging here at Shirt Pocket World Headquarters and LEGO Assembly Center.

I'm going through the revision history for the betas as I try to determine what's best to highlight, and there are a lot of behind-the-scenes changes in this version. A few more fun new features:

  1. PGP Whole Disk Encryption (PGPWDE) now supported for source and destination
    This is not one of those things that'll thrill the world, but many users want a bootable, fully encrypted source and destination. SuperDuper! v2.6 understands how PGPWDE stores its data, and supports encrypted sources and destinations, so the notes from your mom and lists/photos of assembled and painted Gundam models are secure!

  2. (Much) Faster Disk Image mounting
    Back in Tigerdays, a security update changed image mounting to scan the image before mounting it, in case it's damaged in a way that can cause a security problem. But with an image that you're using for your backups, the scan doesn't really help, since you didn't get the image from a 3rd party. We've used a new "don't scan" option where supported... which makes image backups much faster.

  3. Countdown to completion actions
    If you tell SuperDuper! to Sleep, Restart or Shutdown when it's done, but you're using the Mac, there's was previously no way to stop it: at the end of the backup, it was time to go sleepy-bye (or whatever), with no arguments or stalling. We now put up a sheet that allows you to cancel this after-copy action if desired. If only life were so simple.

  4. Sparse Bundle support
    For Leopard and Snow Leopard (10.5 and later) users, we now directly support the Sparse Bundle image type, which further speeds up network and other image-based backups.

To remind people again, since it's a question I get asked all the time, and as has been true since v1.0 of SuperDuper! was released back in—what—2004 or something, it'll be another free update.

Hopefully that's enough to further whet your appetite; back to cooking.