tl;dr - new beta release (B5) now available. Very minor changes, including additional prompts for old licenses on Apple silicon. Download away.

Download SuperDuper! v3.5 B5


So, B4's rollout went well, with only a few people accusing us of trying to "put one over" on people by invalidating licenses.

Honestly, that wasn't the intent. If we wanted to invalidate licenses and force people to buy new ones, we would have just done so.

Unfortunately, those users didn't read the post that explained the situation, and so we've added another notification about old license use at startup. Hopefully that'll help guide people either to Rosetta or a new license with less mystery and intrigue.


Somehow, one of the sections of the What's going to happen? section that pointed out when a source might not fit on the destination seemed to be missing.

After an investigation, including combing the beaches to see if it had just headed to a vacation without telling us, we figured out the problem.

Under Catalina and Big Sur, the check of a volume group's size returns the wrong value - it only gives the value of the system volume (which is typically 15GB or so) rather than the whole group (which is System + Data + Preboot + Recovery, etc).

Apple fixed this under Monterey, and so under Monterey and later, the warning will appear as expected.


We found another weird problem where the system wasn't always paying attention to the "Use Rosetta" setting the user selected.

As such, under Rosetta, scheduled copies would fail in some cases, because when SuperDuper! was launched to do the copy, it wouldn't use emulation, and thus old serial numbers (see above) would fail to validate.

We now override the behavior to force emulation, on schedules, for users with old serial numbers. And, of course, if you want to run natively, and have an old, pre-2019 license, you can simply purchase a new license.

Wrapping up

That's really about it for this release. We're anticipating the release version quite soon, so speak now...and thanks to everyone who used the Beta versions and sent in feedback!

Download SuperDuper! v3.5 B5