launchTunes - When a little walking is a little too much.
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Where's my music?

Although iTunes 4.0 finally introduced Bonjour-based music library sharing, it came with one significant caveat: if iTunes isn't running, your music isn't available.

Enter launchTunes!

When you launch iTunes, launchTunes springs into action, automatically starting iTunes on the Macintosh servers of your choice!

No more hunting for the iTunes server, no more locked offices or dorm rooms preventing access, no more suppressed resentment and rage (not to mention unnecessary walking): it's all handled for you, minus the rage and resentment, through the magic of Rendezvous.


Exclusively for Mac OS X

Like its sister program netTunes, launchTunes takes full advantage of Mac OS X. It's controlled through a standard Preference Pane, and makes extensive use of Bonjour. Click to see a screenshot of the launchTunes Preference Pane.

Suite deal.

Purchase launchTunes for $7, and get a coupon for $3 off our flagship music program, netTunes! Or, buy them both today for $23.95! That's like getting the same discount, but all at once!

Fair licensing

At Shirt Pocket, we're all about giving you great value for your money. As with netTunes, you only need to pay for machines whose iTunes you're going to make available remotely (the "server") — clients need not register, and can use launchTunes for free!

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